Treasure Hunt Clues

2016 Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunt is coming up! Hopefully you've all your photos to hand. The clues are below. Remember to name your image files in the format:

<your name>P<panel number>-S<image number>.jpg


So, for example, andrewP2-S3.jpg is Andrew's image; it's in panel 2 and it's image number 3.


For the treasure hunt, you should enter 8 images for each panel.


Send your Rover images (pictures of roof tops) as for regular competitions - set the author name.

The Clues

The Rover (clue 8)

ROOF TOPS – take an interesting picture of a roof top.

Old Leigh

Clue 1

Near the Crooked Billet pub is an old anchor; take a photo of this and you can include the red mooring buoy in it if you wish.

Clue 2

In the Lynn Tait Gallery, take a photo of the train carriage inside the shop.

Clue 3

Take a photo along the front including a boat or boats.

Clue 4

Stop at Ye Old Smack pub and take a photo of the pub sign.

After lunch we head for Cressing Temple Barns

Clue 5

Take a photo of the blacksmith’s bellows and forge.

Clue 6

In the walled garden, take a photo of the octagonal fountain.

Clue 7


Take a photo of the Arbour.