Panel Competitions

Treasure Hunt, County and Garden Trophies

We have some competitions where members enter a panel of images. To make life easier for the projectionists, could you please set the file names as follows:


For competitions where each panel is shown in turn; the County Trophy or the Garden Trophy spring to mind, please use the following filename style:


<your name> P<panel number>-S<image number>.jpg

For example; Andrew's entry for the County Trophy would look like this:

andrew P1-S1.jpg

andrew P1-S2.jpg

andrew P1-S3.jpg

andrew P1-S4.jpg

andrew P1-S5.jpg

For the Garden Trophy, there would be three images:

andrew P1-S1.jpg

andrew P1-S2.jpg

andrew P1-S3.jpg

Treasure Hunt

For the Treasure Hunt, we use a similar naming scheme, the rover is an extra image in the panel - slide 9 if there are eight clue slides. Wildcard slides can be called anything - within reason! - as they aren't part of the panel.


For example, for the treasure hunt, Andrew's panel looks like this:

andrew p1-s1.jpg

andrew p1-s2.jpg

andrew p1-s3.jpg

andrew p1-s4.jpg

andrew p1-s5.jpg

andrew p1-s6.jpg

andrew p1-s7.jpg

andrew p1-s8.jpg

andrew p1-s9.jpg - this is the rover


If you share your name with another in the group - I believe this only affects "Johns" and "Gwens" at the moment! - then please use JohnW or JohnC as appropriate.