Image Preparation

Projected Images

Image format

Images for competitions should be in JPEG format. The digital projector has a resolution of 1920 x 1080, so images should be no more than 1920 pixels wide or 1080 pixels high. For instructions on resizing images click here.


For competitions, you need to set the Author name for the images and it's strongly recommended that you set an image Title as well. This is straightforward with Windows and there are instructions here.


Delivering the Images

  • Images should be delivered during the previous meeting or via e-mail at least 2 days before the competition.
  • You can use the online entry system; there's a link on the Home Page of this website.
  • Entries via e-mail should be sent as an attachment to
  • Entries on a CD. Please remember to put your name on the CD.
  • Entries on USB memory stick, remember to label the stick with your name.

 As a last resort, camera memory cards with the images on them, note that these must be in the JPEG format; not in camera raw image format.


Naming of Files - Normal Digital Competitions


You can call the image files any names you like. However, you must set the author name to be your name and it's recommended that you give the image a Title; instructions are here.

Print Competitions

Prints entered for competitions must:

  • Have a minimum side length of 7 inches (18cms).
  • Be mounted on a board.
  • Bear the author’s name and a title on the rear of the mount.

At least 2 days before the competition a digital image file in JPEG format should be emailed to (this image is used for our digital scoring system). As with the projected images, the author name and title should be set.

Competition Rules

To see the competition rules, click here